first_imgWas child porn offender Ben McCormack ‘born that way’?NZ Herald 6 December 2017Family First Comment: Disturbing media coverage – but probably no surprise as culture increasingly turns its backs on sexual norms and moralityAs former Nine reporter Ben McCormack is sentenced to a three-year good behaviour bond over child porn charges, the question re-emerges over how we should treat such offenders.Controversially, some experts in the field say there is a difference between child sex offenders and paedophiles (although the two can overlap) and those in the latter group are born with a sexual attraction to children.They say a paedophile does not necessarily become an offender, and an offender is not necessarily a paedophile — sometimes their crime is about power and violence rather than attraction, reports.“I don’t think paedophiles can be rehabilitated,” Dr Xanthe Mallett, senior lecturer in forensic criminology at the University of Newcastle, told “Paedophiles are attracted to children; it’s innate.“It’s like saying you can treat people for heterosexuality. However, I think you can hope to deal with it. A lot of people who are true paedophiles would never harm a child. You can help people not act on it or access material. They need support networks, places they can discuss it without being judged. Keeping it covert exacerbates the problem.”READ MORE:

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