first_imgJust as the weather is starting to turn pleasant, the Wisconsin softball team will travel south for the fifth time in six weeks to play in a weekend tournament. One of the uncontrollable problems of playing softball in the Big Ten is having to start the season on the road every week and having to practice inside due to the inclement weather that Wisconsin annually experiences.?Unfortunately, we do have to get used to it,? head coach Chandelle Schulte said of UW?s traveling south. ?This week off was great for us. Being able to rest up I think caught us up a little bit. The toughest part is having to practice indoors and then go play outside. This is a game that is really meant to be played outdoors.?The Badgers (7-12) will head south to Columbia, Mo. this weekend to participate in the Tiger Invite. UW will play five challenging games in three days, with three against Missouri (22-6) and two against North Dakota State (20-7).?We need to try and improve with every game,? senior Joey Daniels said. ?We have our work cut out for us, but we know what we have to improve upon, so it is up to us to go out and do it.?UW is coming off an up-and-down tournament two weeks ago, when they posted a 1-4 record and struggled in different areas each game. However, Wisconsin believes in order to win, it needs to put together all aspects of the game and not just excel in one area.?We need to use the triple threat,? junior pitcher Leah Vanevenhoven said. ?We have been working on pitching, defense and hitting this week and trying to make sure that we put all aspects together.??We still haven?t played our best game,? Schulte added. ?We still haven?t put a complete game together. When we have good pitching, our hitting doesn?t show up. When we score some runs, our defense and pitching are making errors. With a young team, it is all about trying to develop consistency.?On offense, UW believes that they need to improve their mindset at the plate.?We just need to be more aggressive at the plate,? Daniels said. ?We have all the skills necessary. It is just a matter of executing or not.?On the other side of the ball, Schulte believes that improved defense will lead to improved pitching.?In order to be successful, especially for our team, our defense has to play at a very, very high level,? Schulte said. ?We have helped out our pitchers by making some great plays, but we have hurt them by making far too many mistakes.?Their inability to prevent the big inning has been the Badgers? Achilles heel so far. On numerous occasions this year, the other team has busted the game wide open with a big inning, severely limiting UW?s chance to win.?We seem to have a lot of innings where many runs are scored against us,? Schulte said. ?We need to do several things to help prevent that. We need to get the first out of the inning, which is very, very important in softball. We need to capitalize on more two strike counts, and we need to reduce the amount of walks that we are giving up.?last_img

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