first_imgSporting News writer Ryan Fagan traveled through Florida and Arizona this spring, stopping at camps and chatting with the players. One of his side projects is a quick-hitter Q/A we’re calling “Two Minutes With …”Previous editions: Anthony Rizzo | Kyle Freeland | Jo Adell | Max Muncy | Touki Toussaint | Clint Frazier | Pat Neshek | Jonny Venters | Cam Bedrosian | Steve Cishek | Chris Iannetta | Cal Quantrill | Ben Gamel | Robert Stock What’s one talent you’d most like to have?SWANSON: Singing. I would love to be able to have pipes. Any kind of pipes. That’d be awesome. I love rap and R&B. I wouldn’t want to be able to rap, but I’d love to be able to sing. My girlfriend would probably say the same thing. What’s best purchase you’ve ever made? SWANSON: Best purchase I’ve ever made? Wow. Honestly, this is probably anticlimactic, but my place in Nashville. I love being there. I know I’m a big Atlanta guy, but during the offseason I love being there. It just really makes it a good home for me for a few months. Are you a Nashville hot chicken guy?SWANSON: No, not really. I cook a lot, honestly. I’m always up for any type of good food. I’m not picky with my eating. Up now: Braves shortstop Dansby SwansonMORE: Watch ‘ChangeUp,’ a new MLB live whiparound show on DAZNWhat’s one of your first baseball memories?SWANSON: It’d have to be going to the T-ball fields when I was a kid, just hitting BP out there. I specifically remember my grandpa throwing to me. We call him Pops. My dad threw to me a ton, too; they’d go out there and throw to me.What’s the last show you binge-watched?SWANSON: I wouldn’t say binge-watched it, because it’s only six episodes, but “Bodyguard” on Netflix. It’s pretty good. And I love “Game of Thrones.” Love “Entourage.” “Entourage” is probably my all-time favorite. During the offseason, I don’t watch that many shows. So as a “Game of Thrones” fan, which bad guy’s death was more satisfying to you: Joffrey’s or Ramsey’s? SWANSON: Oh, man. They’re both terrible. I think I’d have to say Ramsey’s cause Joffrey, I mean, Joffery just sucked. He’s just brutal. But Ramsey? He was just like the scum of the earth. Who are some of your favorite follows on Instagram?SWANSON: I’m obviously a big Atlanta guy, so I follow all the Atlanta hip-hop guys and stuff. It’s just fun. There’s a ton of them. I enjoy following up because it makes me feel more connected to the city. What’s one thing you would do if you were MLB commissioner for a day? SWANSON: This may just be very basic, but I would allow for players to express themselves more. And when I say that, I mean for guys to be able to wear whatever cleats they want to wear, you know? Just to be themselves and not have to be a shell of themselves.last_img

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