first_imgAdela Comor (23) is an athlete in the athletics club “Novi Grad”. Apart from the queen of all sports, this young athlete is also engaged as a football referee, and it is no surprise that she attends the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education as well.“First, I started training basketball, and that was my very first love. I was training at the basketball club “Bosnjak” in Hadzici, which was established back then, and I can say that my teacher in the school introduced me to the sports. I had to make a decision before I went to high school, and I decided for athletics, which was much more interesting for me at that time,” said this young athlete.“The “Avaz Twist Tower” race will take place very soon, where I am on the winning podium every year, and this year my biggest competition will be Lucia Kimani. The Balkan Championship in Novi Pazar will be held already in mid-July, and my colleague from the club, Alma Hrnjic, and I are hoping for a good result. Before that, we will perform at the European Championship in Malta as well,” stated optimistic Comor.Besides athletics, Adela is also professionally engaged as a football referee.As she says, her main goal in the future is to become a successful athlete.“My priority is athletics while being football referee is in the second place. If it happens that I have an important race that is held at the same time as the football match, I will choose athletics, and I will continue to train and work even harder. I wish to leave a trace even beyond the borders of our country, and I will continue to train and see how far I can get. I am not thinking about putting a stop to my career because I cannot live without athletics. Athletics entered deep into my skin, and it just became part of my life,” concluded young Adela.(Source: N. Kustura/

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