first_imgBH basketball player Dzanan Musa was officially presented as a new player of Brooklyn Nets, and he talked about his plans for the future at a press conference organized on that occasion.“It was very emotional. Both my family and I were excited, and I really hope that the next season will be successful. If you are playing in Europe and you are talented, they give you the chance to play and learn how to play basketball at a professional level,” said Musa.“I am training a lot and that is how I get my confidence, and as long as you work very hard, you can achieve what you want. However, you have to remember who you are, where are you coming from and what are your roots. I sacrificed a lot and worked hard ever since I was a child, and that effort paid off at the end,” said Musa.Musa also added that he is planning to become stronger, gain mass and improve his defense game in the future period.Musa added that the fact that he started playing in a professional league at a very young age helped him a lot, and he added that Kobe Bryant is his role model.At the end, he noted that he is ready to play in each position, and he added that he fell in love with basketball when he got his first ball.(Source: K. H./

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