first_img“God must be acknowledged. When God is acknowledged, we will see God’s intervention in our lives,” said Reverend Darius Game.Rev Game was speaking to Team East New Britain during their second bonding session yesterday at the Vunapope Archdiocese Hall.The Bonding Day program, which was a follow-up from last week’s gathering, coincided with the National Repentance Day.Coordinator of the Deputy Prime Minister, Albert Buanga, stated that the two events carried out simultaneously were in fact significant.There could have been times when the officials and athletes might have had differences amongst themselves. However, Buanga believes that all these were put aside after the athletes were led by the Reverend Edward Kolonitai through the prayer of repentance.He said all will be able to look forward to a fresh start as they prepare for the PNG Games in November.Youth representative Philip Tale shared that just as they have to try to experience God, the same can be said about sports. Athletes should not only be able to know the sport but they also have to be able to make the sport become a part of themselves, in order to perform better in the upcoming games.The program started at 11am and ended at 1.14pm.last_img

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