first_img“My family and I are fine, without symptoms”, reported Toni Kroos to the German ProSieben program ‘Late Night Berlin’. The midfielder, quarantined like all Real Madrid players after Thompkins’ positive in the coronavirus test was known, spoke to his compatriots by videoconference from his living room in his home in Madrid. “We are in shape,” he said.The German, like the rest of his companions, is in permanent contact with Real Madrid doctors. They are consulted a couple of times a day to follow up on possible symptoms of COVID-19. The order is that they communicate the slightest indication of illness. Further, Each Real Madrid player has in his possession a personalized physical exercise plan and nutritional recommendations to try to maintain the best possible shape in this “confinement”. But it’s not all work. “I am not bored, you can imagine it with three children. It does not get boring the day at home. But if you look left and right, the main thing is that we are all fine,” said a Kroos who bullfights quarantine with humor. : “Here at home I also do my hair but I only do it for my wife anyway.” The Madrid midfielder also said that, thanks to his children, he eats noodles every day and pointed out with laughter: “I have a lot of toilet paper at home.” Kroos recovered his serious tone when asked about a possible postponement of the Euro Cup this summer, a decision that will be made this Tuesday: “When it will be played again is the least of it. The main thing is when to drive away this invisible enemy. That everything has returned to normal ”.The German is the second Real Madrid player to intervene in a media outlet to tell how he is carrying out this mandatory period of quarantine. Luka Jovichours after knowing the positive of Thompkins, he spoke on B92 and wanted to send a message of calm: “I used the same recovery kits as Thompkins, but I have no symptoms …”.last_img

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