first_imgAnd he added, “As a result of these conversations, an agreement has been reached whereby the players, coaching staff, sports director and general director of the entity voluntarily reduce their remuneration in order to mitigate in this way the economic impact on other employees of the club. The agreement contributes to reducing the significant impact that the prolongation of the current situation could generate on the economic sustainability of the entity ”. The AD Alcorcón has not wanted to make public the percentages of salary reductions for players, coaching staff, sports management and general director. The club has shown “its appreciation to our players and coaching staff for the background and the manner in which they have faced the difficulties derived from this situation, which despite the fact that they will represent a difficult short-term management challenge for the entity”. Alcorcón has announced that it has reached an agreement with the staff and with the technical staff by which they accept a reduction in their wages. The coronavirus has caused the breakdown of competition with its consequent sporting and economic consequences for all teams and the competition itself. All the teams are carrying out salary reductions from their workforces to withstand the economic effects or even ERTEs. In the middle of the afternoon of this Tuesday, April 14, a statement was published in which it announced that “The Agrupación Deportiva Alcorcón wishes to report on the agreement reached with the players and coaching staff of the first team to face the difficulties arising from consensus and solidarity the paralysis of the competition for the health emergency that we all suffer “. AD Alcorcón fans choose their historic 11During the last weeks, fans have voted on networks for their favorite players of these years.AD Alcorcón celebrates ten years in the silver category of Spanish football. It does so in a chaotic year for Spanish football in light of the coronavirus crisis. However, from the Club’s Communication Office, they have taken advantage of this confinement with fans to choose the Club’s historic 11 along with fans on social networks. The chosen system has been 1-4-2-3-1. In goal Dani Jiménez, the Lebrijano lives his 5th season, becoming one of the best keepers in the category. Dani Jimenez has played 65 matches with Alcorcón. In defense, as a right back, Laure was chosen. The former captain of Deportivo de la Coruña, has played 97 league games in three seasons in three years. The central pair is made up of Babin and Djene. The one from Martinique is 33 years old and plays for Sporting de Gijón. In his four seasons at Alcorcón he scored 11 goals and played 150 league games.Djene, now at Getafe, played for Alcorcón in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons. The one from Togo played 59 games with the elastic potter. Ángel Sánchez, from Béjar, is one of the most loved players by the pottery parish. He played 163 games as a yellow and scored five goals. The chosen midfielders are two of the Club’s midfielders. Rubén Sanz, the eternal captain, wore the yellow elastic over 400 games. Sergio Mora would accompany Rubén Sanz in that midfield. Mora was the elegance and the magic in attack for the Alcorcón after the promotion. The eternal 10 yellow scored 9 goals with Alcorcón and played 153 league games with the yellows. Fernando Sales and Paco Montañes are the winners chosen by the fans. Sales spent four years on the team playing 155 games and scoring 12 goals. Montañes for his part in two seasons scored 16 goals in 79 games. The magician Miguélez is hooked. The Gijón player played two seasons at Alcorcón and played 65 games scoring 7 goals. At the tip Quini is the chosen one. He has scored 35 goals with Alcorcón who came from Leganés. He played 95 games at Alcorcón.last_img

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