first_imgDear Editor,I was born in Guyana. I am loyal to my country, notwithstanding its challenges and idiosyncrasies. My patriotism is a natural manifestation of where I was birthed. I pay close attention to events in my country. I am as proud of its achievements as I am constructively critical of some of its avoidable pitfalls. I also pay attention to international affairs. I try to draw comparisons, and assess where my country is positioned compared to the rest of the world. Those comparisons help me to determine whether life is still worth living in Guyana, and I unapologetically think it is.A New York Times reporter recently published an article in that media, painting a very distorted, condescending and insulting account of Guyana. That reporter’s name is given as Strauss or Krauss, or some crosses like that. All persons who were born in this country, Guyana, should be very offended and feel disrespected by the article. Equally, too, should be thousands of naturalised Guyanese, immigrants seeking a better life in Guyana; and Exxon. Yes, Exxon!Recent media editorials and columns in the media regarding KRAUSS (pronounced as Cross), were fitting thorny garlands which I wish they both had the privilege of physically affixing firmly around his neck.I was moved to add my two ounces of protest in writing mainly because of my concern about the deafening silence from those who have the power and influence to request a retraction of the New York Times article. Many persons quiver at the thought of expressing themselves or taking a stand on critical matters, not realising that their very silence condemns them to even greater annihilation.The New York Times is internationally renowned, and is read daily by millions of businessmen, investors, tourists and aristocrats worldwide. I have seen many professionals on the Metro and LIRR from Manhattan reading the New York Times with undivided diligence as they commute daily. There must be expeditious damage control by Guyana before their minds are permanently stained on Krauss’s account.I am advocating that formal missives be sent to the New York Times in protest of Krauss’s dismal report on Guyana from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Business, Guyana Press Association, The University of Guyana, The Human Rights Association, The Private Sector Commission, The Diaspora, The Churches (SDA, AOG, CIOG, HDS, GRC, etc.), the Bar Association, the political Opposition, and all the usual voices of dissent against injustices and issues affecting the development and image of beautiful Guyana.Sincerely,Orette Cuttinglast_img

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