first_imgOriginal material in a fossil has been detected, this time from a leaf that is identical to modern leaves despite an alleged 50 million years.Shouldn’t the evolutionists have been astonished?  According to a press release from the University of Manchester, the fossil leaf they examined in X-rays was identical to modern leaves.  It even had the feeding tubes of caterpillars on it, as if they had munched on the leaf yesterday.  It contained primordial material from the living plant.  The leaf, though, found in the Green River Formation in Wyoming, is supposed to be 50 million years old.The authors didn’t blink an eye.  It was still millions of years old, in their account.  But when they shined the equivalent of a “million suns” in X-rays on this leaf, they found original copper, zinc, nickel and other primordial materials.  The details were exquisite – and familiar:The work shows that the distribution of copper, zinc and nickel in the fossil leaves was almost identical to that in modern leaves. Each element was concentrated in distinct biological structures, such as the veins and the edges of the leaves, and the way these trace elements and sulphur were attached to other elements was very similar to that seen in modern leaves and plant matter in soils….“In one beautiful specimen, the leaf has been partially eaten by prehistoric caterpillars – just as modern caterpillars feed – and their feeding tubes are preserved on the leaf. The chemistry of these fossil tubes remarkably still matches that of the leaf on which the caterpillars fed.”How could this leaf be so well preserved for so long?  The authors dreamed up “a way in which these specimens are so beautifully preserved over millions of years” – the copper acts as a natural biocide to preserve the original leaf tissues.  One wonders why they didn’t propose that museums sprinkle all their specimens with copper powder.  And according to their own eyeballs, this plant and the caterpillar that ate it had not evolved at all in 50 million years.You have to wonder if evolutionists ever realize how stupid they sound sometimes when they go into moyboy mode.  Maybe not; it’s a conditioned response that requires no thinking.  The moyboy mentality has been so drilled into them for so long, it’s graven on their hearts with an iron stylus. (Visited 32 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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