first_imgLegendary opening batsman and former India captain Sunil Gavaskar, speaking at Aaj Tak Salaam Cricket 2017 , said the modern player does not give a damn about what appears in the media and what commentators are saying about them because they are just keen on improving their own game.”The modern player does not give a damn about what appears in the media, he does not about give a damn about what the commentators are saying  – they are so focussed on improving their game.”All these things which are appearing in the papers does not make an iota of difference. They know if they do not do well, they will be out of the team,” Gavaskar said .One of the most respected minds in world cricket now, Gavaskar is a popular commentator and his insights on the game are listened to with great intent by players all around the world.Gavaskar revealed that Indian players dread off days because that is when sometimes untrue stories come out. Despite his strong views on the apparent views between Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble, he said maybe the story itself could be a fabric of somebody’s imagination.”I have been covering Indian cricket for a while now. What Indian players dread are the off days – when there is no cricket, then such stories come out.”Then anything else can come up. Not sure how true these reports of differences are or if they are part of somebody’s imagination. There’s a big game coming up vs Pakistan and it will decide which way the Indian team heads this tournament.”advertisement Also Read: Salaam Cricket 2017: Differences between captain, coach common everywhere due to generation gap, says Sunil Gavaskar Also Watch:last_img

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