first_imgAmerican pop-singer Katy Perry’s fascination with Indian culture and its simultaneous appropriation has attracted the attention of fans and critics alike.The Dark Horse singer once spoke about her love for India to Alex Zain, a musician at Music Studio. ”We loved how Indian traditions are…I’ve seen how Indians go with their traditions since ancient times. Yet they’re good competitors for rest of the world in every field who changed their traditions for the sake of being dominant,” Zain quoted Katy as saying, on Quora.On the star’s 33rd birthday, let’s take a look at all the times she proudly flaunted our country’s cultural and religious symbols, something most Indian youngsters are wary of doing.  1. When Katy sported the traditional bindiWhen Katy Perry walked into Grammy Awards event in 2011, wearing a bindi, it resulted in a lot of heated debates on whether sporting a bindi was merely a fashion statement. But that couldn’t mar Katy’s spirit, as she wore it again in 2012, during her visit to India.i have a zit where my bindi should be, does that count? Dang.- KATY PERRY (@katyperry) January 5, 20102. When Katy took the saat phere on her wedding day Among other things for which Katy Perry and her ex-husband Russel Brand made headlines, the then-couple also won attention when they chose Rajasthan for their destination wedding in 2010. And the wedding was quite a desi affair, starting from the pandit to observing traditional rituals.Picture courtesy: Facebook/Katy Perry Worldwide Fan Club 3. When Katy got herself inked in Sanskritadvertisement”I wanted to take away something valuable from India but the queen already had the diamond with her, so I got this tattoo in Sanskrit,” the singer was quoted as saying by Zain. The tattoo in Sanskrit, on her right bicep, reads ”Anuugacchati Pravaha” which roughly translated as ”Go with the flow”. But why on her bicep? That’s because she believed ”hard work and flow with your art will pay off.”Picture courtesy: Twitter/ilu_shak Also Read:  Katy Perry: I always love things that are a little tongue-in-cheek 4.  When Katy donned a chic choli for Indian Premier League (IPL)The international star turned heads with her maiden performance in India during IPL 2012. But it wasn’t just about her performance–she chose to woo the audiences in a blingy choli, maang tika and bindi.Photo: AP 5. When Katy felt she could relate to Goddess KaaliWe all remember how the pop sensation was heavily trolled on social media when she posted a picture of Goddess Kaali to depict her ”current mood”. What followed was hate speech about Katy’s disrespect for our religious values and her brazen attempt at demeaning the goddess.It’s not like we’ve learnt to respect people’s personal choices, and so the kind of criticism hurled at Katy doesn’t really surprise us. On the other hand, we hope she continues to find more ways to uncover India’s beauty and true worth.last_img

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