Rabat – The Moroccan community in Britain organized on Sunday a sit-in in London outside the headquarters of the British Parliament to denounce the “irresponsible” statements made by the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon against Morocco.The demonstrators, who came from different parts of the UK and represented several associations, condemned the statements made by Ban Ki-moon.Waving national flags and holding portraits of King Mohammed VI, the members of the Moroccan community chanted slogans against the biased remarks of the UN Secretary-General. Ban Ki-moon’s mandate and role require him to remain neutral and objective in order to promote the peaceful conflict resolution. The Moroccans of Britain expressed their unwavering commitment to the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the kingdom while reiterating their constant support behind the King Mohammed VI to defeat the maneuvers of the enemies of territorial unity.Moroccans of England unanimously stressed their rejection of any premeditated attempt to deflect the political process of the settlement of the dispute over the Western Sahara as established by the Security Council.Following Ban Ki-moon’s recent feud with the Moroccan government over his controversial statements regarding Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara, Moroccans and their brothers abroad organized sit-ins to denounce Ban Ki-moon’s biased statements.On March 21, thousands of Moroccan-Americans, including members of the Moroccan Jewish community, gathered outside the United Nations in New York to protest the UN Secretary-General’s blunders and to tell the world that the Sahara is Moroccan and that the Moroccan diaspora is not apathetic about this cause.Last Friday, Members of the Moroccan community residing in Sweden staged a sit-in in Stockholm and strongly denounced the “biased and distorted” comments made by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon earlier this month during his visit to the Tindouf camps in Algeria.

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