A new partnership between BioLinc and Hamilton-based startup QReserve will give Brock researchers a new way to connect, collaborate and innovate.QReserve is a platform that connects institutional equipment databases across Canada, allowing anyone to explore available equipment and services at Canadian universities and to connect directly with laboratories and researchers.BioLinc, the Goodman School of Business’s on-campus business incubation facility, is spearheading the inventory of campus resources with the goal of increasing the visibility of research facilities and promoting collaborative research at Brock University.The easy-to-use QReserve website makes it simple to form new collaborations with colleagues both on campus and beyond, says Dan Lynch, manager of BioLinc.“A quick search on the website is all that is needed to discover new research equipment and services,” he says. “You can easily see the lab or facility that is located closest to you and directly contact the researcher.”Innovators and entrepreneurs in the community and from across Canada can also search the database and make requests for equipment or facility use. This opens opportunities for fee-for-service relationships.Lynch adds that a listing in the database does not mean you have to provide access to equipment or provide services.“Even if your equipment or lab is not available for outside use, you should still have a listing on QReserve. The listing helps showcase what is available at Brock University and can also help to develop internal or external research collaborations.”“We have many researchers located across the campus – the tool you need may be in a colleague’s lab in another building.”So how can Brock researchers sign up for QReserve? QReserve Campus Ambassadors will be contacting faculty throughout this term and can be contacted directly at [email protected] those looking for a hands-on approach to managing their listing, researchers can create their own user account online and add lab and equipment through an easy to use web-interface at: https://www.qreserve.com/signup?p=brocku.Questions about the new partnership can be directed to [email protected]

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