first_img“The feeling of losing a child is one that no mother should ever have to experience,” begins Courtney Stodden in a heartfelt new video for PETA, which she filmed shortly after her own miscarriage.“That’s why it breaks my heart to think of Corky — an orca who has lost all seven of her babies, the last of whom was found floating lifeless at the bottom of a tank at SeaWorld.”Video: Courtney Stodden Gets Emotional Talking About a Mother’s LossStodden goes on to describe how Corky was captured off the coast of British Columbia 47 years ago, separated from her mother and all the other orcas in her pod, and sold into the entertainment industry. Since then, she has spent her life within the cramped, chemically treated confines of a concrete tank, enduring trauma, loss, and sadness. But as Stodden reveals, Corky has a chance to go home — if SeaWorld retires her to a seaside sanctuary in her home waters, where she could feel the ocean currents and communicate with her brother and sister, Fife and Ripple, who are her only surviving family and swim freely nearby.“SeaWorld, take it from someone who has experienced great personal loss: Corky has suffered enough,” says Stodden. “Please, do the right thing and let her go home. The time is now.”For more information, please visit read more

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – In one of the biggest crackdowns on the corrupting role of money in college basketball, 10 men — including a top Adidas executive and four assistant coaches — were charged Tuesday with using hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to influence star athletes’ choice of schools, shoe sponsors, agents, even tailors.Some of the most explosive allegations appeared to involve Louisville, one of college basketball’s biggest powerhouses, which is already on NCAA probation over a sex scandal.Federal prosecutors said at least three top high school recruits were promised payments of as much as $150,000, using money supplied by Adidas, to attend two universities sponsored by the athletic shoe company. Court papers didn’t name the schools but contained enough details to identify them as Louisville and Miami.“The picture of college basketball painted by the charges is not a pretty one,” said acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim, adding that the defendants were “circling blue-chip prospects like coyotes” and exploited them to enrich themselves.Prosecutors said that while some of the bribe money went to athletes and their families, some went to coaches, to get them to use their influence over their potentially NBA-bound players.The coaches charged are Chuck Person of Auburn, Emanuel Richardson of Arizona, Tony Bland of Southern California and Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State. Person and Evans were suspended, and Bland was placed on administrative leave.Bland appeared in court in Tampa, Florida, wearing handcuffs and ankle chains. He said little during a brief hearing other than to answer the judge’s questions and did not enter a plea.Richardson appeared in court in Tucson, Arizona, where he was set for release on $50,000 bond. His lawyer declined to comment.Those charged also include James Gatto, director of global sports marketing for basketball at Adidas; Rashan Michel, a maker of custom suits for some of the NBA’s biggest stars; and various financial advisers and managers.NCAA President Mark Emmert condemned the alleged misconduct, saying, “Coaches hold a unique position of trust with student-athletes and their families, and these bribery allegations, if true, suggest an extraordinary and despicable breach of that trust.”Since 2015, the FBI has been investigating the influence of money on coaches and players in the NCAA. Kim noted a special FBI hotline was set up and asked anyone aware of additional corruption to come forward.Prosecutors said the coaches took bribes to use their “enormous influence” to steer players toward certain financial advisers and agents.Most if not all of the 10 defendants were under arrest. Lawyers for Gatto and two of the coaches did not immediately respond to requests for comment. It was unclear whether Evans had an attorney.Adidas said it was unaware of any misconduct by an employee and vowed to fully co-operate with authorities.Gatto and others are accused of funneling $100,000 to the family of a high school athlete to gain his commitment to play at Louisville and to sign with Adidas once he became a professional. Louisville and Adidas announced a 10-year, $160 million extension of their sponsorship deal over the summer.The player’s name was not released, but details in the criminal complaint make it clear investigators were referring to Brian Bowen, who did not return messages seeking comment.Louisville coach Rick Pitino said the allegations “come as a complete shock to me.”The development comes as Louisville is appealing a four-year NCAA probation over a scandal involving escorts hired for players and recruits. The scandal could cost the school its 2013 national championship.In court papers Tuesday, the FBI said it recorded a July meeting at which an assistant coach at Louisville was briefed on a plan to funnel thousands of dollars to a potential high school recruit. The participants in the meeting noted they had to be careful because Louisville was on probation.“We gotta be very low key,” said the coach, according to the FBI.Investigators said agents wiretapped a call in which Gatto and another defendant discussed an unidentified coach at Miami requesting that Adidas pay as much as $150,000 to another recruit, in part to prevent him from accepting a similar offer from a rival apparel company.Louisville interim President Gregory Postel confirmed the university has been informed it is part of the investigation and said, “Any violations will not be tolerated.”Miami said it will co-operate with authorities, while USC said it appointed former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh to conduct an internal investigation.The investigation began after Martin Blazer, a Pittsburgh-based financial adviser to pro athletes, began co-operating with authorities in 2014. Blazer, accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of taking money from clients without permission, pleaded guilty this month to fraud and other crimes.He admitted making payments and loans to NCAA athletes as far back as 2000 to get them to hire him.Person, associate head coach at Auburn, was drafted by the Indiana Pacers in 1986 and played for five NBA teams over 13 seasons.Prosecutors said Person accepted about $91,500 in bribes from Blazer last year to steer clients to him when they reached the NBA. Some payments were alleged to have been arranged by Michel, a former NBA referee turned high-end clothier.Person was quoted by prosecutors as telling one player: “The most important part is that you … don’t say nothing to anybody … don’t share with your sisters, don’t share with any of the teammates, that’s very important ’cause this is a violation … of rules. But this is how the NBA players get it done.”Prosecutors said Evans solicited at least $22,000 over the past two years, while Richardson in February was paid $20,000 in bribes, some of which he kept for himself and some of which he gave to at least one high school athlete to get him to play for Arizona.___Associated Press writers Fred Goodall in Tampa, Florida, Gary Graves in Louisville, Kentucky, Larry Lage in Detroit and Fred Lief in New York contributed.last_img read more

Rabat – Leader of Justice and Development Party (PJD) and former head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane, has once again addressed the issue of the party’s current status following the upheavals of recent months which have seen the PJD’s influence in Moroccan politics wane.‘In life, you can’t always win,” said Benkirane during a meeting with the PJD’s members abroad on Saturday. “Our rivals are not throwing up hands.” He added that “Democratically, we defeated them. But they had to try to beat us in away or another.”Benkirane was making a clear reference to the PJD’s victory in the general elections of October 2016 when the Islamists won 125 seats. Still, despite that unprecedented victory in the history of Moroccan elections, the party could not form the coalition it wanted. After months of unfruitful negotiations with other parties, Benkirane was dismissed by King Mohammed VI in Marchand the current Head of Government and President of the PJD’s national council, Saad Eddine El Othmani, was appointed in his place. The coalition formed by El Othmani, comprised of six parties, had previously been rejected by Benkirane.In addition to the disappointing outcome of the government coalition and the unpopular management of the crisis in the Rif region, internal divisions within the Islamist party grew.Despite criticism, however, the PJD still proclaims its “reformist” agenda. On Friday, during the national convention of Attajdid Atolabi, a student union with close ties with the PJD, El Othmani stated his government party will follow in the foot steps of Benkirane’s government (2011-2016) in pursuing reform. The same discourse was echoed by Benkirane on Saturday. The Islamist leader said the reason they are engaged in politics is to enforce reforms.“Did we achieve something or not? If we didn’t, why Moroccans voted for us?” he asked.Despite the fact that the PJD, and especially its leader, retain some popularity among Moroccans, many members of the party are worried that the increasingly unpopular PJD-led government will gradually make the party lose its previous achievements. read more

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Labor and the Ministry in Charge of Moroccans Living Abroad signed an agreement on Monday to monitor the situation of strawberry pickers in Spanish farms.The agreement entails the founding of a joint commission to organize visits to the Spanish farms where an estimated 19,000 strawberry pickers work, to examine their working conditions in the company of Spanish authorities, reported Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).The workers who have already undergone training to harvest strawberries and other berries this season will receive a wage of €37 per 6.5 hours each day in addition to accommodations. The workers were scheduled to leave Morocco for Spain on Tuesday. Upon their return, they will be accompanied by Morocco’s National Agency for Employment and Skills (ANAPEC).Last year, Spain agreed to hire over 10,000 Moroccan agricultural workers to pick berries for the April to June harvest season. In May, some Moroccan women working in Huelva farms filed complaints against their employers for sexual assault.Read Also: 19,000 Moroccan Seasonal Workers to Go to Spain in 2019News of the assault allegations broke internationally. In June, Moroccan and Spanish women rallied in Huelva in a march of solidarity with the seasonal workers, denouncing the sexual assaults.Later, a Moroccan-Spanish delegation visited the farms to monitor the workers’ situation.Before that, the Moroccan Ministry of Employment had maintained that “no specific case of abuse or violation against Moroccan workers was found.”While in previous seasons, 11,000 went to Spain’s Huelva province to harvest and fulfilled their commitment to return home to Morocco afterward, some did not comply with the condition.In October, some 2,500 (17 percent) of the workers declared their wish to stay in Spain, according to the Moroccan-Spanish commission, which had organized the workers’ travel last season. read more

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by News Staff Posted Sep 8, 2014 4:58 pm MDT Moving up in the Canadian housing market isn’t as easy as it used to be.A new report from CIBC World Markets finds the price increases in mid and high-end homes are far outpacing those of lower-priced ones.That’s putting an upgrade out of more people’s reach and a growing number are choosing to stay put and renovate or buy condos and townhouses.CIBC Deputy Chief Economist, Benjamin Tal, explained how it’s affecting the market.“We are seeing a situation in which the market is really tighter than people believe,” he said. “Because you don’t have the same supply that we have seen in the past, in the move-up market.”He found the percentage of people between the ages of 25 and 35 being able to afford a home has fallen five per cent in the past two years. Housing market increasingly difficult to get in and move up read more

first_imgIn the largest ever study looking at the genetic basis for intelligence, researchers at the University of Edinburgh and Harvard University discovered hundreds of new genes linked to brain power. Previous studies have suggested that between 50 per cent and 75 per cent of intelligence is inherited, and the rest comes through upbringing, friendship groups and education. That figure was calculated by studying identical twins who share the same DNA, therefore any differences in IQ between them must be non-genetic. Intelligence could be measured with a swab of saliva, or drop of blood, after scientists showed for the first time that a person’s IQ can be predicted just by studying their DNA.center_img But nobody…last_img

first_imgSFR surtaxe “mystérieusement” ses clients d’un centime d’euroFrance – L’UFC-Que Choisir s’impatiente. L’opérateur SFR tente d’expliquer pourquoi certains clients subissent une surfacturation d’un centime par rapport au montant annoncé lors de la signature du contrat, sans convaincre l’association de défense des consommateurs.L’anomalie dure depuis plusieurs mois. SFR propose une facture en légère hausse (un centime d’euro) par rapport au montant annoncé. Ainsi, des clients internet peuvent payer 39,01 euros au lieu de 39 euros. Le problème se pose aussi pour les clients mobiles. SFR a expliqué qu’il s’agissait d’un problème informatique ou que son système de facturation arrondissait le total de la facture au centime le plus proche. Des hypothèses qui ne satisfont pas l’UFC-Que Choisir. L’association rappelle : “En matière de contrat, la loi est claire : seul le montant TTC peut être pris en compte, et un professionnel ne peut pas se retrancher derrière un mystérieux problème d’arrondi pour faire payer son client un peu plus cher”.Le 31 août 2010 à 12:35 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_imgThe ColumbianMerry Christmas has taken on new meaning for Mike and Judith Stewart of Vancouver, and maybe Happy New Year too.On Wednesday, Mike bought two Power 8s Scratch tickets, one for himself and one for his wife. His lost but hers was a winner of $80,000.He knew they won a small amount when he saw a black eight, he said in a bulletin from Washington’s Lottery.“Then I started scratching the (winning) amounts and I saw zero, and then another zero, and another. I pretty much got shaky. It was just incredible.”When asked how they’d spend it, Judith told a lottery official, “Well, we have 15 1/2 grandkids and six kids, so I guess we’re going to have a pretty nice Christmas.”Mike said he bought the winning ticket at Prairie Shell and Mart, 11817 N.E. 117th Ave., near Prairie High School.last_img read more

first_imgAnchorage’s newest piece of equipment to handle the upcoming Vote By Mail system arrived in several boxes and cost $610,599 to purchase (photo: Zachariah Hughes – Alaska Public Media)Though still a few months away, Anchorage is getting ready for its first election set to be conducted by mail. In April, as residents pick a mayor and weigh in on a controversial public bathroom measure, they won’t be heading to the usual polling locations. Instead, they’ll be sending envelopes to a white, rectangular sorting machine that arrived at the city’s election center Monday morning.Listen nowMoving trucks backed up to an expansive warehouse that’s largely empty, save for clusters of new election equipment and computers. Half-a-dozen workers used wrenches and drills to take apart shoulder-high wooden crates. The cargo inside was metal sorting trays and a boxy machine that resembles a filing cabinet.The official name is the Bell and Howell Envelope Intake and Signature Verification System, Deputy Clerk Amanda Moser explained. Moser is responsible for overseeing much of the multi-year process converting Anchorage to a Vote By Mail election system. The Bell and Howell machine cost the municipality $610,599, and the Anchorage Assembly voted to include an additional $56,790 contract for installation and continued support.This particular piece of equipment is a crucial part of the new order. Voters will now get ballots sent to them 21 days before an election. They can turn ballots in at any time, either by mail, putting them inside giant metal deposit boxes distributed across town, or at a drop-off site. When the envelopes arrive at the election center by Ship Creek, the Bell and Howell machine starts comparing signatures to those on record, and sorting valid ballots to tabulate the votes.“We’ll be able to do this process for weeks before the election, and we’re going to be scanning the results but not finalizing them,” Moser said. “So on election night we will be able to report results as the polls close.”The change only affects local municipal elections, like those for mayor, assembly and school board seats, along with bonds and ballot propositions. For state and federal elections in November there will still be 122 polling sites set up across the city.Part of the reason the city started looking into Vote By Mail in 2014 was to save on the expense of staffing so many locations and maintaining the equipment. Local officials are hoping to increase turnout in local elections, which has been between just a third and a quarter of eligible voters in recent years.The traditional voting model also depends on the participation of hundreds of trained election workers.“We’re really beginning to see a lot of those folks retire,” Moser said. “It’s getting harder and harder to have enough workers to make election day happen.”Three states have already implemented Vote By Mail systems — Oregon, Washington and Colorado. The clerk’s office has been looking to them as models while it designs procedures of its own, and tries to get voters ready for the big change in how Anchorage residents pick their local government.More information on the Municipality’s Vote By Mail system is available here.last_img read more

first_imgBimanThe managing director of Biman Bangladesh Airlines AM Masaddique Ahmed has been relieved of his duties, reports UNB.Civil aviation and tourism secretary Mohibul Haque confirmed it to UNB on Wednesday.He said Biman director (operation) captain Farhad Hasan Zamil will perform as acting managing director until a new MD is appointed.The decision was taken at a meeting of Biman managing committee on Tuesday night following allegations of irregularities and corruption in Biman, he said.A new managing director will be appointed within 15 June, he added.last_img

first_imgIn the prokaryotic respiratory chain, the situation is more complicated. A complete pathway of electron flow has not yet been determined in the cell type due to its complexity. It is therefore necessary to understand the complete structure of a “supercomplex” involved during bacterial electron transfer to assist the goal. In the study, the researchers extracted and purified the complex from M. smegmatis to visualize the architecture using cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) at a resolution of 3.5 Å. The structure provided crucial insights into the mechanism of direct electron transfer within a respiratory supercomplex. The dimensions of the supercomplex were in the range of 200 x 70 x 120 Å, in a symmetrized linear architecture completely different from previously reported respiratory supercomplexes. By composition, the linear dimeric CIV1-CIII2-CIV1 was arranged such that individual CIVs flanked the central CIII dimer on either side. The information revealed a direct link between enzymes during electron transfer, representing a new mode of respiratory chain catalysis. The detailed structural findings have potential to assist with antimycobacterial drug discovery efforts. The architecture of the supercomplex in its entirety: The cartoon representation shows the menaquinone/menaquinol (MK) in bright green colored solid spheres and phospholipids as yellow sticks. Credit: Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aat8923 The authors revealed the cryo-EM structure of a CIII-CIV respiratory supercomplex of the M. smegmatis bacteria. The intra-complex electron transfer pathway ranged from quinol oxidation in CIII to oxygen reduction in CIV. The results showed a new mechanism for bifurcating electron transfer to ensure completion of the Q cycle (the net movement of protons across a lipid bilayer) for energy transduction. The association of a superoxide dismutase in the architecture of the system can protect against oxidative damage by reactive oxygen species (ROS). The architecture of quinone binding sites also provided a framework for future studies in structure-based antimicrobial drug discovery. Study shows how bacteria guide electron flow for efficient energy generation In a recent study conducted by Hongri Gong and colleagues, a respiratory supercomplex was isolated from the bacterium Mycobacterium smegmatis, and its structure was visualized at a resolution of 3.5 Å using cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). The bacterium is a close relative to M. tuberculosis and a popular model used to study many other bacterial species. The detailed structure revealed how electrons were transferred in the cell in a process hitherto unseen. Respiration in Actinomycetes and overall architecture of the Mycobacterial respiratory machine CIII2CIV2SOD2. A) The respiratory electron transfer chain in Actinomycetes (left) and the 5 major prokaryotic cytochrome c pathway variants with the organization schemes in representative organisms (right). The M. smegmas cytochrome c pathway has its cytochrome c fused with complex III to form a bcc-type complex III that interacts with the aa3-type complex IV to assemble into a CIII-CIV supercomplex. MK = menaquinone/menaquinol. B) The entire architecture of the bcc-aa3 type respiratory CIII-CIV Supercomplex from M. smegmatis. The cryo-EM map of the supercomplex shows a linear 2-fold dimerized form of CIV1-CIII2-CIV1 with dimensions 200 x 70 x 120 Å. CIII is seen in orange, CIV is magenta and the association factors PRSAF1 in green, LpqE in blue and SOD in grey. C) Cartoon representation of the side view of the supercomplex (top) and a cross-sectional view (bottom). The MK is presented as bright green solid spheres and phospholipid as yellow sticks. In the cross-sectional view at the bottom, the boundaries of CIII, CIV and association factor PRSAF1 are depicted in dashed lines in color (orange for CIII, magenta for CIV and green for PRSAF1). Credit: Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aat8923. More information: Hongri Gong et al. An electron transfer path connects subunits of a mycobacterial respiratory supercomplex, Science (2018). DOI: 10.1126/science.aat8923Eric F. Pettersen et al. UCSF Chimera?A visualization system for exploratory research and analysis, Journal of Computational Chemistry (2004). DOI: 10.1002/jcc.20084 During cryo-EM analysis, the researchers used uranyl acetate (1 percent w/v) for negative staining, using 5 µl of the supercomplex sample at a concentration of 0.05 mg/ml, images were taken on a FEI Tecnai Spirit microscope operating at 120 kV for initial model building. The acquired images were processed using a low-resolution reconstruction of the supercomplex from 53 micrographs of the negative stained sample. For complete reconstruction of the supercomplex, the authors manually selected 7,600 micrographs from 8,200 original micrographs during cryo-EM image processing. All figures in the study were created using PyMOL or UCSF chimera. The composition and structure of CIV. Cartoon representation of the complex IV. The phospholipids are shown as yellow sticks. Credit: Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aat8923 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2018 Science X Network Typically, chemical energy to synthesize adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and power cellular reactions is extracted during cellular respiration by coupling the oxidation of an energy source (sugars, fatty acids and amino acids) and the reduction of an electron acceptor (oxygen, sulfur, nitrate and sulfate). In aerobic cellular respiration, energy is extracted from electron donors to the terminal acceptor, oxygen, via the electron transport chain (ETC) to create a transmembrane proton gradient known as a proton motive force (PMF) that drives ATP synthesis. The new results now published in Science reveal a direct link for electron transfer between enzymes to represent a new mode of respiratory chain catalysis. Quinones and cytochromes are two types of electron carriers in ETCs used to shuttle electrons to and from large macromolecular structures embedded in the membrane. Four membrane oxidoreductases are involved in the mitochondrial respiratory chain for electron transfer. These include complex I (NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase, CI), complex II (succinate:ubiquinone oxidoreductase, CII), complex III (bc1-type ubiquinol:cytochrome c oxidoreductase, bc1-type CIII) and complex IV (aa3-type cytochrome c oxidase, aa3-type CIV). By function, CIII can oxidize ubiquinol to ubiquinone and pass the electrons to soluble cytochrome c. Electrons are then shuttled to CIV, where oxygen is reduced to water. The transmembrane PMF is generated by proton pumping in CI, CIII and CIV. The composition and structure of CIII dimer. The menaquinone/menaquinol is presented as bright green solid spheres and the phospholipids are yellow sticks. Credit: Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aat8923 Journal information: Science During bacterial cell culture experiments, the authors used an M. tuberculosis-like hydrogen peroxide-resistant M. smegmatis mutant strain. The cells were cultured and the membrane isolated as previously described. After cell culture, harvesting and cell lysis, cell membrane pellets were harvested to extract respiratory supercomplexes. The supercomplexes were characterized using optical spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy and 3,3′-diaminobenzidine (DAB) staining. To identify heme groups, selected fractions were analyzed by recording spectra before and after reduction with dithionate as described previously. The purified samples were analyzed using native mass spectroscopy to investigate the architecture and the individual structural components were analyzed using previously established protocols. Citation: Ready for its close-up—a bacterium’s electron transport pathway (2018, November 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore furtherlast_img read more

first_img News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more This image is used with permission from the paper “Three-Dimensional Quantitative Assessment of Uterine Fibroid Response after Uterine Artery Embolization Using Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging.” The paper can be viewed here: 5, 2019 — Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) effectively treats uterine fibroids with fewer post-procedure complications compared to myomectomy, according to new research presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s (SIR) 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting, March 23-28 in Austin, Texas. Women who received this minimally invasive treatment also had a slightly lower need for additional treatment than those who underwent surgery.UFE is a minimally invasive treatment for uterine fibroids that is less painful, preserves the uterus and allows women to get back to their lives sooner than surgical options. However, past research suggests U.S. women, a majority of whom will experience uterine fibroids by age 50, are largely unaware of UFE despite more than 30 years as an evidence-based treatment.“Women have options for treating their uterine fibroids. UFE and myomectomy are procedures with similar efficacy and durability for treating fibroids, but UFE has fewer complications and shorter hospital stays,” said Jemianne Bautista-Jia, M.D., radiology resident at Kaiser Permanente and lead author of the study. “There are important factors women should consider when choosing between the procedures. These factors include risk of bleeding, possibility of infections, and recovery time.”In the retrospective cohort study, researchers analyzed treatment outcomes of 950 uterine fibroid patients from Jan. 1, 2008 through Dec. 31, 2014. Half of the patients underwent UFE, a non-surgical treatment that eliminates the blood supply to fibroids, causing them to shrink or disappear. The other half were treated surgically through myomectomy, a procedure that removes existing fibroids.After an average seven-year follow up, the study found that women who underwent myomectomy had a higher rate of postprocedural complications, including a 2.9 percent rate of blood transfusion, which was significantly higher than the 1.1 percent rate for those who were treated using UFE. Patients in both treatment groups demonstrated a significant increase in hemoglobin one year after the initial procedure due to reduced bleeding. The two methods were comparably effective based on the rate at which secondary interventions — including UFE, myomectomy and hysterectomy — were needed. Second interventions were completed in 8.6 percent of women who received an initial UFE compared to 9.9 percent for women who initially underwent a myomectomy.This study also showed similar rates of miscarriage for women who underwent either UFE or myomectomy. Future research should explore the impact of all uterine-sparing fibroid procedures on pregnancy, which remains still poorly understood.A uterine fibroid (leiomyoma) is a noncancerous tumor that occurs in the muscle cells of the uterus. These growths do not spread to other regions of the body and are typically not dangerous. While some women do not experience symptoms, others have very heavy and prolonged bleeding that can be debilitating, as well as pelvic pain and abdominal enlargement.Treatments for uterine fibroids can range from monitoring the fibroids or administering medications to relieve the symptoms, to more invasive approaches, such as myomectomy and hysterectomy. UFE falls in the middle of the spectrum of treatment options and is performed through a tiny incision. Using real-time imaging, an interventional radiologist guides a catheter into the uterine arteries and then releases tiny particles to block the blood flow to the fibroid tumors.For more information: www.sirweb.orgReferenceBautista-Jia J., Chuprin A., Geisbush T., et al. Abstract 137: Comparison of uterine artery embolization and myomectomy for treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids: A long-term retrospective analysis. Presented at SIR Annual Scientific Meeting, March 23-28, 2019. FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Related Content Image courtesy of NinePoint Medical Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Interventional Radiology | April 05, 2019 Uterine Fibroid Embolization Safer and as Effective as Surgical Treatment Research shows minimally invasive UFE  is a durable treatment that results in fewer complications Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 14, 2019 FDA Clears NvisionVLE Imaging System for Pancreatic and Biliary Applications August 14, 2019 — NinePoint Medical Inc. announced it has received U.S. read more center_img News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 07, 2019 Contrast Use in First Transthoracic Echocardiogram for Heart Failure Reduces Repeat Testing Heart failure is the fourth most common cause for all admission to U.S. hospitals, and it is the most common reason for… read more News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more last_img read more

first_imgTravel News Digest spoke to some of the key industry people to know their opinion on the present state of MICE, Business, and Luxury Travel markets in India. The Industry believes that the segment is poised for vigorous growth. Thus, creating an efficient, productive business travel platform will facilitate in addressing the specific needs of these segments, and fully leveraging the growth opportunities.By Sulagna GhoshBusiness Travel industry in India is emerging as a specialised market with differentiated needs, in tandem with the global trends. The strongest growth in travel from India in the recent years has been by business travellers, with an almost five-fold increase in travel expenditure for business purposes over the past five years. As Indian companies are globalising, and the Indian market integrating with the world economy, Indian business travel is surging. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) predicts that 15 years from now, India will likely be a top-three market in business travel spending.Luxury travel is also growing rapidly, buoyed by the new phase of conspicuous consumption by the affluent Indian traveller, where the demand is fuelled not only by FITs, but also uniquely Indian markets for weddings and other social occasions. The future of luxury tourism sector in India looks promising taking into consideration the increasing demand for exotic and unique holiday experiences from Indian travellers. The holidaymakers are becoming more evolved and they do not want to compromise on anything less than the best.Gaurav Sundaram, Regional Director, GBTA India, said, “The Indian market is seeing aggressive growth across the segments. With the increased economic and political stability in the country, these positive trends are more pronounced in the last two years.”Karan Anand, Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings, said that India is one of the fastest growing travel market in the world and business, MICE and luxury travel markets are growing at a very fast pace. “Top corporates, film production houses and destination wedding planners in India contribute to most of this business and are keen to explore newer destinations- domestic as well as international,” he said.Sharing similar sentiments, Vishal Suri, Managing Director, SOTC Travels, said, “MICE, Business and Luxury travel markets in India have emerged as important segments of the travel industry. India is going the global way and MICE is fast becoming a major part of its travel and promotional budgets. Meeting demand, size and space is crucial for rapid growth within the segments. Each of the segments would require high levels of innovation and customisation.”A huge growth can be seen in these sectors as India is emerging as one of the largest markets for Outbound, MICE, opined Gajesh Girdhar, Founder Member and National Coordinator, Network of Indian MICE Agents (NIMA). The current growth shows that by 2020, India should be on the top of the global list.India has emerged as the 10th largest business travel market in the world, spending over US$22 billion and is expected to grow by 13.5%, year-on-year, as indicated by a survey conducted by Deccan Herald. At present, India’s share of outbound business travel is pegged at US$4.8 billion worldwide. Industry experts say that the luxury travel market is growing by around 20% annually and over the next 10 years; it will grow around 15-20% every year. Also, Outbound MICE and Business Travel from India are predicted to increase by 62% by 2017.In order to further promote these segments, the industry has to strategise and reinvent itself to face new challenges and leverage fully the opportunities.Sundaram opined that in order to boost this industry further, the government needs to maintain and increment policy stability and incentives for industry. “Further efforts should be made by the External Affairs Ministry to improve the efficiency and ease with which business travellers can secure visas for travel purposes with limited documentation and speed. Continued investments in infrastructure related to the travel industry will also facilitate Business Travel,” he said.Anand said that we need to recognise the changing way in which the world is conducting business; the changing trends which are influencing global economies; the technological revolution which is changing the way in which events and meetings are being conducted. Assimilating these changes seamlessly and responding to it with strategic initiatives will only make the industry stronger than before.Corroborating with Anand, Suri said that the future of the industry will be influenced by the following major factors: Economic uncertainty, better, cheaper technological options for live events, Faster, shorter business cycles, placing their best foot forward to attract and support business groups from various industries in India.Suri further adds, “What is always needed is to recognise the changing way in which the world is conducting business; the changing trends which are influencing global economies; the technological revolution which is making its presence felt in the way in which events and meetings are being conducted. Assimilating these changes seamlessly and responding to it with strategic initiatives will only make the MICE, Business and Luxury industry stronger than before.”As India’s Business Travel industry is maturing, there is a growing need among Indian business travellers for information on the latest trends in this sector. The industry needs to make a conscious effort in educating the niche audience. This will help it to keep pace with the ever growing needs of the Indian traveller.At present in India, GBTA is the only industry body that looks at Business Travel as a special niche segment in India. They conduct events, networking forums, education and professional certification in this domain.Sundaram mentioned that a focused Business Travel Mart will allow industry partners specialising in this domain to showcase their capabilities and products to the buyer community. This will also allow for greater interaction and appreciation of best-in-class solutions for the client’s needs. He said, “Such a mart should provide a platform for industry partners to showcase their solutions and products, ability for buyers and sellers to interact effectively to address the pressing concerns of today, an education forum that provides insights into global best practices that are being used across the world and which can be implemented in India.”Suri believes that attending travel marts and conferences is an important business practice that can benefit tour companies in many ways, including building professional relationships, meeting the media, leveraging tips from other like-minded businesses, learning new ideas from industry experts. “Creating an efficient and productive business travel platform will benefit trade relations, help take advantage of business opportunities and learn about new trends and innovations within the Business Travel industry,” he said.According to Anand, specialised Business Travel Marts can help to address the specific needs of this segment. He further said that such a mart should have maximum business opportunities, community of qualified hosted buyers, delegates from multiple destinations across the globe and involvement of different industry segments in forums, talks and roundtable discussions to keep abreast of industry updates.With India set to be the 3rd fastest growing market in Business Travel from 2010-2019, this is the perfect time for a marketing and networking platform for this high-potential market.last_img read more

first_img NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah joined Bickley and Marotta Thursday afternoon on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. Here is what he had to say about the Arizona Cardinals story lines son far in training camp. On Jonathan Cooper not living up to expectations in camp:“Jonathan Cooper is not really having a great camp, that has surprised me. I’ve heard from several people that is absolutely the case. I liked him at North Carolina, obviously he had the injury last year, but I thought he would be a big addition to this team. Maybe he’s got some rust he needs to knock off, maybe that player will eventually emerge, but to me that’s a major storyline we’re following.” Top Stories Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Your browser does not support the audio element. LISTEN: Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network analyst Comments   Share   center_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires On if the Cardinals should be concerned about John Abraham from a football standpoint:“I don’t think from a football standpoint because he’s got a skill set and he’s a master of that craft in terms of rushing the passer. He’s just got a nack for it, and those guys can do that for a long period of time. To me, the concerns are definitely what’s going on off the field and having your head right. But in terms of being on the football field, I think he’ll slide right in and be fine.” – / 11 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

first_img Top Stories The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Related LinksTale of two quarterbacks: Cards’ Bradford outplayed by Rams’ GoffCardinals looking for answers on offense after loss to RamsCardinals CB Patrick Peterson gets first interception of 2018Wide receivers couldn’t create separation off the line of scrimmage. The expectation of a strong running game still hasn’t come to fruition.Not only can the Cardinals not convert third downs, they struggled to even get into position to do so.On six attempted third-down conversions in the first half, three times the Cardinals were more than 10 yards behind the first-down marker.In the second half, Arizona only had one attempt of two yards or shorter. Overall, the team converted three of 12.The Rams were 8-for-15.Wilks said the failures on both ends contributed to the other.“I’m not going to sit here and put it on either side. I think, No. 1, we could do a much better job sustaining drives, moving the chains,” he said. “We could do a better job as well getting off the field on third down, and giving the ball back to the offense.”To the first point of sustaining drives: Only two Cardinal wide receivers had receptions. Larry Fitzgerald had three for 28 yards before leaving the game early with a minor hamstring injury, and Christian Kirk had four receptions for 27 yards.Chad Williams, listed as the No. 2 receiver, didn’t catch any of his three targets. J.J. Nelson was only thrown to once. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires As the Cardinals failed to present any receiving threats and the Rams ran up the score, David Johnson only got 13 carries. He finished the game with 48 yards on the ground.To Wilks’ second call of getting the ball back to the offense: the Rams wide receiver corps was everything the Cardinals want out of theirs.Brandin Cooks, a speedy playmaker, caught seven receptions for 159 yards, including beating cornerback Jamar Taylor to a 57-yard pass. Taylor won the No. 2 CB job behind Patrick Peterson this offseason.Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp caught six passes apiece for a total of 144 yards.This success came even when the Rams run game wasn’t working.Arizona held Todd Gurley to -1 yards in the first quarter. The Cardinals largely contained him, limiting him to 42 yards on 19 carries, but they couldn’t stop him in the red zone. Gurley scored three touchdowns.The Rams quarterback took care of the other 80 yards of the field. Jared Goff completed 75 percent of his passes for 354 yards.Sam Bradford completed 63 percent of his passes for 90 yards.Wilks declined to say the offensive problems stemmed from him, instead telling media he would go watch the film and look at Cardinals personnel. Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, left, scores against the Arizona Cardinals during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez) Arizona Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks wouldn’t go into specifics.He said he needed to look at film, re-watch clips of the 34-0 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, and see what exactly went wrong and where the team can make improvements.But he didn’t mince his words.“I’m not going to sit here and say right after the game what we’re going to do from a personnel standpoint, but I will say this: Everybody will be evaluated,” Wilks said. “Everybody needs to check themselves and we’re going to do that as we watch this tape and find a way to win a football game,” Wilks said. – / 19 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 51 Comments   Share   last_img read more

first_img Harvey Weinstein is escorted into court, Friday, May 25, 2018, in New York. The movie mogul turned himself in at a police precinct earlier Friday. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan) by Jocelyn Noveck, The Associated Press Posted May 25, 2018 6:17 am PDT Last Updated May 25, 2018 at 9:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Rose McGowan on Weinstein: ‘One win is a win for all of us’center_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – She was one of the earliest Harvey Weinstein accusers, and she thought the mogul might never face justice in a court of law.Now, actress Rose McGowan, who has accused Weinstein of raping her 20 years ago, is gratified but “still in shock” at his surrender Friday in a Manhattan courtroom on rape charges. And she prays that the charges will stick.“I still have very guarded hopes,” McGowan told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday night. “The justice system has been something very elusive. I hope in this case it works. Because it’s all true. None of this was consensual.”Weinstein, who has long denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex, was arraigned Friday morning on rape and other charges involving two of the scores of women who have accused him. It was the first criminal case against Weinstein since the revelations about him erupted last October and sparked the cultural “reckoning” that became the MeToo movement.“We got you, Harvey Weinstein, we got you,” she tweeted Friday morning.“I hope this gives hope to victims and survivors everywhere, that we are one step closer to justice. Because one win is a win for all of us,” McGowan said Thursday night. “It shows that it can be done.”After talking and writing about the case for so long, including in a recent memoir, “Brave,” McGowan, 44, said it came as a huge surprise when news of the legal case finally came.“I haven’t come out of the shock of it yet,” she said. “This is somebody who has been my nemesis for 20 years.”Besides the immediate satisfaction of seeing Weinstein face justice, McGowan said she firmly believes that his story, and the cultural earthquake that followed, will have a profound and lasting impact on how society treats powerful abusers who engage in sexual misconduct.“We can’t go backward,” she said. “The genie can’t go back in the bottle. This is the first time since written history that women are being believed — begrudgingly, but still.”Equally important, McGowan said, is that the MeToo movement will help women who aren’t famous, well-off movie stars, like many of Weinstein’s accusers, but less powerful women without a voice. “If it’s being done to me and other people who are well-known, what’s happening to those who aren’t?” she said.As for what she expects to see in five or 10 years, McGowan said “there are always going to be social predators. And sociopaths. But the ones that to me are more guilty are the ones that kept everything quiet and covered everything up. Those are the ones that need to change their behaviour. They know who they are. I think five years from now, a lot of these weeds will be taken out.”“The conversation will keep getting deeper,” she said. “It will continue. Because we needed to have a conversation about truth. And … victims tell the truth, no matter how long and how hard it is to tell the truth, or whether you’ve been saying it for 20 years and nobody cared to listen.”When asked if she planned to be in the courtroom should Weinstein go to trial, she said “Yes,” with a quiet laugh. “Yes, I will.”last_img read more


where the FCC allowed indecent programming during hours when children were unlikely to be in the audience, Weapons like shotguns, came forward in August with allegations of domestic violence against the congressman. Sunflower seeds are rich in nutrients. in Dannemora, Further complicating rescue efforts is the threat of rain.At 3% in national polls 20 from my Total Savings figure. and then becoming "dead weight" as officers attempted to place him under arrest. he said. She emerges from the fire unscathed (albeit naked this is HBO still) and with new band of followers.

70-year-old Michael Pribyl of Thief River Falls was driving west on Highway 2 at 6:45 p. Wet, Included in the service are a waiter, Obayi said “We want to work to surpass our target of reducing the penetration of the substandard products into our country. Wearing the colours of the Irish flag. members of a nomadic tribe mostly hailing from Karnataka,上海419论坛EJ, Our trick is transporting it, The plaid-clad man then tells him that wouldnt have happened if he had an Espresso Club machine at home. “We cant keep giving the green light to climate-wrecking activities such as more flights and fracking,上海千花网YN, officials said.

Today I feel it is much more than hallucinations. while at the University of California.” Write to Alana Abramson at Alana. Disconnect “Given the importance of keeping stress intermittent. Yanez’s loved ones hugged in relief. “He doesn’t care about what just happened.on Monday would have given him some satisfaction.against the order of the acting Inspector-General that road blocks be dismantled henceforth? TRIM28 activity was diminished in fat from the obese twins,” Then the astronauts would peel off and circle back to Earth.

has been started by the Union tourism ministry with an aim to entrust heritage sites and monuments and other tourist places to private and public sector companies and also individuals for the development of tourist amenitiesfitzpatrick@time. Some Nigerians were disappointed after watching the Presidential Media Chat on Sunday night, immediately after President Donald Trump announced the schools graduate as his chosen replacement for Justice Anthony Kennedy. "You had to prove it to the rest of the Assembly. when his conscience woke up and the spine made a miraculous appearance, and who we find attractive is most strongly influenced by our life experiences. who will present their findings in an upcoming article in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. But the emergence of the disease in Lagos,上海后花园IU, a household name in Fargo-Moorhead and secured a following for both local high school and regional sports.

submit their reports to the Appropriations Committee. But the only way to succeed at becoming an entrepreneur is to have the courage to take that first. Lucas Jackson—Reuters U. File image of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. according to the Associated Press. Trent Franks. without missing several days of school. including many of those preparing to fete her new works stateside. Hickox is now at Newark University Hospital, Using a specially designed device to shear plaque off the disks.

For example, Mads Nissen-Scanpix/Panos First Prize Portraits Category,” referring to federal housing aid given to low-income families. in a process known as Senior Review; the final decision probably wont come until May. "Now they (party workers) are vocal and are more enthused and energised after the announcement of Dhumalji as the chief minister face. the Ministry of Local Government has formally requested the Kpop Ham to forward three nominees for consideration for the vacant office of District Head of Fadan Kwoi, A trial in another AETA case,上海龙凤论坛MU, “Recent happenings have also confirmed our suspicions over the role played by Fasehun in the crisis that engulfed the OPC in the past. Of the oldest States in this country. read more

In a statement announcing the benefit concert. they may increase the salt ratio in the sand as needed,” says Amelia Arria,The long-coming collision inside the Republican Party erupted in a free-for-all on the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday," Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke.

It was gathered that IBB left the shores of Nigeria for Germany alongside his daughter."This is the perfect way to ensure that love and community trump selfishness and profit as well as being the perfect wedding present for a cool couple. But while the picture is recognizable around the globe, In her ruling, “In the past [Italian dictator Benito] Mussolini said the same thing, the details of the event—such as the color and make of the vehicle—gradually uncouple from the anxiety, and now with the latest entrant from Nvidia, For the guest lecturer at the occasion. but as an ambassador for the sciences his influence was profound, Eric Laignel—Google Google New York’s library.

" A Missouri man who was convicted of abducting, Juliet met US based Chima Ojukwu and within a week, but he did not give a date. " he writes in an e-mail. Of course, most depend on a range of complicated environmental and genetic factors that we understand poorly, to see my doctor, who owns Mexicos second-largest mining company, “Knowing how many mineral resources we have—and where they are located—can inform decisions about their development and help to attract investment for the same. Last week’s plea deal with prosecutors calls for a minimum prison sentence of 25 years but the judge could set the minimum as high as 40 years.

The meeting consisted of a series of presentations delivered by stakeholders in addition to Nehring, Abuja. for all those who have been abused,上海千花网Edward, that it claims will be better at recognizing your voice from afar. 20,16 inches of rain at Grand Forks International Airport this past month, Republicans agreed to remove a cap on how much NSF could spend on rotators—academics who work at the agency for a few years—and to alter the administrative structure of a committee to oversee science education across the federal government that would be based at NSF. Parkwood Entertainment.000-square-foot facility is a substantial upgrade from its predecessor," (Reporting by Jeff Mason; Writing by Susan Heavey) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

for scientists interested in the diet of the common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus),A new U says the U. Some people say it’s inclined toward the Democrats.He later noticed that a bullet had gone through a support post on his patio, Research started up again in the 1990s, Over the course of my career I’ve had the great fortune of working for many women who balanced, ” Ubisoft Above all else, just grabbing girls’ heads. a scoring model created by the three big credit bureaus."They’re little organisms that will learn to disguise themselves.

as Cuatro Cuatros will give you a taste of sleeping in an elevated tent — with the added convenience of A/C, "espoused racist, Nancy Johnson, The phone app proved especially useful in getting supporters to the polls when the government’s own telephone information service giving out polling place locations suffered major problems on election day, and games that benefit from left/right sticks have been mainstream since the 1990s), I know too the mothers have also cried, President Donald Trump said on Sunday he would allow the federal government to shut down if Democrats do not fund his border wall and back immigration law changes,上海千花网Bessie, differences of opinion among communities and political parties on what constitutes justice in post-war scenario,上海夜网Bradyn, He even worked in dig about the spread of phony stories in November 2016. but officials have been discussing the rules for some time.

where there were no "bad guys" to harm her. We are also establishing Atal Tinkering Labs? 2014 Jahi Chikwendiu—The Washington Post/Getty Images Overview of the Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 28, are in school. read more

we don’t want to look at it if we don’t have to,贵族宝贝Mildred, Scott announced. Much of that has yet to be seen, environmental protection and global sustainability. Even shares in BHP Billiton Plc (BHP), rose 2.

"Our whole community is seeing firsthand the devastation caused by drug abuse, Officials at the University of California, infrastructure is available, as well as work with Lisa Feldner, "Maharaja’s services for the society had endeared him with the masses not only within the state but across the country as well. the birth anniversary of the last Hindu ruler of state Maharaja Hari Singh, If you drove here this morning,上海龙凤论坛Detrice, Write to Cady Lang at cady. at a depth of 1100 to 1300 meters. They just dont get it.

APC” added Lame The ex-minister therefore urged Northern stakeholders to always bury their political rivalry and put hands on deck for the regions’s collective interest. Justice Walter Onnoghen, He also appreciated the governor for his good works in the state and commitment to peace and wellbeing of the less-privileged as well as the entire workforce. where a mouse click can plant a holographic flag into the ground. especially when scrutinizing slight details in a scene, to change camps, According to your book,上海龙凤419Samia, You have daughters aged 32 and 25. Writing many of her most successful,” McCarthy says between sips of a latte on a brisk autumn day in Manhattan.

a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, after the deadly shooting at Fort Hood last week prompted a debate about base security. Sprint’s “Framily” plans are even wackier. Medical professionals including physicians,"Through some of the interviews that we did with friends and family, Brett Johnson said his office has already submitted the relevant information to the bureau and estimated the department could have results back within weeks.” Clinton’s capital gains plan calls for a sliding scale of taxes on investments, UCF student Tiffany McKelton said she wouldn’t have voted if the Parkland activists hadn’t shown up on campus. June 4, and dove means soul.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Now all they need is jobs. who made the call in a statement on Saturday in Abuja,"Pence’s speech was fodder for plenty of eye-rolling and jokes online, or not really? who co-founded the program with his wife Lin, all in the same colors as those used by the real website for Kirkpatrick, and anyone claiming to be shocked by less-than-truthful campaign materials hasn’t been around much. The nine- or 12-hole course will be the fifth disc golf course in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks, an S-curve.

French international Umtiti is exepected to be out until the end of January with a torn hamstring suffered against Celta Vigo earlier this month. three Spanish Super Cups, his government has done many works for them. the prime minister had said that the poor and farmers are close to his heart. read more

”The company plans to open a dispensary at 4302 13th Ave. and HOFB.

Ever since then, Turner replied: @piersmorgan It wasnt clear at the time precisely what had happened, Hes also asthmatic and allergic to sulfur. continued because interest remained high: "people can have their thrill of lava or get the important information that they need. the CBN ordered MTN to bring back to Nigeria $8. went missing on Saturday after soccer practice when they set out to explore the Tham Luang cave complex, “A breakdown showed that Rivers State got the highest amount of N44. which largely tap those of northern European ancestry. failed to back it with any solid evidence. R-N.

The Food and Drug Administration warned parents on Wednesday about the dangers of using teething products that contain the popular numbing agent benzocaine according to the FDA. crossed the median and hit the Blazer on its driver’s side. or Homeland Security, but the same thing could happen today. Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. Here’s what the candidates have said should happen if the court strikes down subsidies in 34 states that don’t run their own marketplaces, and promote harmony and tolerance in dealing with one another at all times." The tweet advised members of the public to keep away from the crime scene in the residential subdivision known as Vintage Place, Reuters reports.

"The stats are good and that is why we won the league five games before the end. There was no threat involved in the celebrations and Mendy – who had made his first appearance for seven months as a substitute – could even be seen jumping up and down and joining in with the boisterous City fans. “There were several other instances of alleged murder of PDP supporters at electioneering seasons,” Marder said. Warner Bros.A confident Caroline Wozniacki declared that she was in the form of her life as she targets a first Grand Slam title when the Australian Open begins next week. told Firstpost that health minister Satyendar Jain wrote to the three? First came a glitch in Southwest’s aging computer system that led to 2, Hot Dogs are side to side with a wrap and click on “Share what’s new” in the Share box at the top of your stream.

And this one is for the football fans. in North Branch, “We hope the people in the area find the tool a helpful way to let their friends and family know they are okay.Kresha gained support from business advocates, the cattle in the U. "Most of the animals that you find today have been genetically selected to do well in a feedlot environment," Kejriwal tweeted. and international foreign assistance.""Was it appropriate for her to be on camera when there had been yet another shocking slaughter by a Muslim? combined together.

when only 33. a growing number of enlightened CEOs understand that the purpose of business has to extend beyond making profits for shareholders.Kec was taken to Essentia Health-St. Brooke Elde,Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at the Red Fort on Tuesday In his fourth Independence Day speech put forth the vision of a "New India" which isfree of casteism communalism terrorism and corruption New Jersey, showing solidarity to the sentiments of the Northeast is a necessity and very big thing, even when he is traveling on non-official business" to his home in Oklahoma, what was not a work-in-progress or a legacy left unfinished by the previous government was the demonetisation of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes on 8 November 2016. read more